IT-visions at work. Teldok Rapport nr 111

IT—Visions at work is the English-language version of TELDOK Rapport 111: IT-visioner i verkligheten, authored by Ms Inger Stjernqvist of Asterisk* Information (voice: +46 8 441 0463 , FAX +46 8 651 9091), documenting some twenty selected Demotel projects, run by Telia Promotor and partners in Swedish industry to showcase how IT can be put to productive use. (Demotel projects rely on available technology but involve new types of applications.)
Mirroring the breadth of the Demotel applications, the report is broadly based and covers several technologies as well as industries. The most interesting aspect of technological development, the author argues, probably is how the use of IT develops, rather than the technology in itself.

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