20 seconds to work. Home-based telework. Teldok Report nr 101

Contents: A comprehensive description of telework framework, conditions, and actual practice, concentrating on home-based telework, not as overtime, not even for those working from home exclusively, but when there is also a ”workplace at work” while telework still occupies a substantial part of the week. The ”practice” consists of ten individuals and their families, representing employees of corporations as well as in the public sector. ”Comprehensive” stands for a primer on definitions; facts and figures as to what is known of particular Swedish preconditions and the potential and actual volume of telework in Sweden and in the world; down-to-earth problems and challenges; start-up issues; laws, labor market agreements, and telework related forecasts. A detailed economic analysis is provided, and the teleworking Swedish Minister of Labor has submitted to a thorough interview.

Method: Those ten teleworking individuals and their families were interviewed. A voluminous background material has been compiled, including laws and regulations, experience reports, studies and discussions as told directly by experts and decision-makers as well as in written or printed reports, research studies, statistics, etc.

Author: Lennart Forsebäck is a consultant and author specializing in flexible work.

Target group: Individuals considering switching to telework; those who already have done so and feel like requiring a larger perspective and supplementary information; companies and organizations with similar needs.

Depth of analysis: A thorough and comprehensive analysis based on actual practice as well as theoretical considerations.

Coverage: Focus is on Sweden. Since information technology changes so rapidly, that which was however correct and comprehensive when the report was finalized in 1995 may have to be amended if features are heavily dependent on technology, tools, and costs changing later than that.

Date: Material compiled in 1995, the report finalized in August of that year.

Novelty value: The comprehensive coverage.

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