The Net as a Marketplace. Teldok Rapport nr 123

There is no doubt that as the new marketplace, the Internet will bring about far-reaching changes in large parts of the business world. The purpose of The Net as a marketplace
was to document the practical experience gained by Swedish companies on how e-commerce changes distribution and affects their competitiveness, and then broaden the viewpoint and supply factual information.

In all, some thirty Swedish companies in different sectors were studied; of these, ten were chosen for a more detailed documentation. In addition, the report describes and discusses how the Internet affects basic conditions in different sectors of industry and commerce. Included are sections on:

  • 400 days that changed Swedish banking
  • Shares better business than sex
  • Electronic chains get a grip on the book business
  • Revolution in the car showroom
  • The ”glocal” companies
  • The whole world’s laboratory
  • New exporter thanks to the Net
  • The new business logic
  • Secret behind the invisible clothes
  • … and a Web guide

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