The TELDOK Yearbook 1994. Teldok Rapport nr 86E

Contents: An up-to-date description, mainly consisting of statistical tables and diagrams, on telecommunications and information technology features in Sweden–in an international perspective. A few industries or fenomena are described more in depth, such as trade, tourism, EDI, the government green paper ”IT 2000”, and the personal digital assistant.

Method: Statistics compiled from Swedish and international sources; expert analyses; also introductions of all the different telecommunications operators in Sweden, provided by themselves.

Author: Gull-May Holst is a consultant and a veteran compiler of this Yearbook.

Target group: People needing an up-to-date directory on Swedish information technology with an emphasis on telecommunications and their applications.

Depth of analysis: Brief descriptions of the contents of the statistics parts; descriptions of links between different statistical categories; and a discussion of problems in compiling the statistical data. The in depth chapters are probing deeper.

Coverage: Statistics up to and including the autumn of 1993; this English-language edition includes an up-date from April 1994.

Date: Published in the beginning of 1994; the English language edition, published in June 1994, contains a nine-page addition.

Novelty value: Up-to-date into 1995.

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