Telecottages, teleworking and telelearning. Teldok Rapport nr 90E

Contents: The report is based upon the contents of an international symposium ”Telecottage 93” in Australia, complemented by deeper interviews with some of its participants, and also by a snapshot as to the situation for Swedish telecottages. Telework in Australia and Japan is dealt with in detail, as is telecottage establishing in these two countries, Finland, and England. Distance education is described separately and the author also provides a scenario for future telecottage developments.

Method: Conference report amended by interviews–with a solid basis in the author’s own experience.

Author: Lilian Holloway is responsible for the Ammarnäs telecottage, located in a remote area in northern Sweden.

Target group: People working with telecottages, neighborhood telework centers, distance education, and telework in general.

Depth of analysis: Critical but positive analysis based upon the author’s own practical experiences; attempts to a forecast of the future.

Coverage: Obviously limited to the conference contents but supplemented with a description of the Swedish telecottage development.

Date: The symposium was organized late November–early December 1993, the report issued in June of 1994.

Novelty value: An up-to-date international description of telecottage and telework developments.

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